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Internet Search Tools

If you know what you would like to see but dont know how or where to find it, this is a good place to start. Click on one of the search engines below, enter a word or word's of what you'd like to find and the search engine will find it for you. Yahoo
Alta Vista
Big Yellow
Ahoy - The Homepage finder.

Airport Search Engine-ASE database contains airport - codes and a list of links to airport pages on the web.

Area 52- Macintosh, Amigo, OS/2 searches a specialty.

BRS Search Page- search for information , jobs, people and more.

Funny Site- search engine for humor sites.

GRIT- internet broadcasting station with web reviews, politics, news, sports and more.

Human Search- ask us what you want in plain english and we'll find it for you.

Poke!- search assistant that uses javascript and frames.

Snoopie- over 5 million files have been indexed for download at over 450 ftp sites.

Travel Finder Spider- demonstration contains information collected on travel related resources and information.

Web Dawg- geared specifically toward finding business sites offering items on sale.

Web Direct- add, modify or delete websites. Display search results the way you want.

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