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Miscellaneous Links

Health and Nutrition
A Man's Life- If you are a fast food junkie, pick a franchise and they will get you on the highway carrying the lightest fat and caloric load possible.
American Cancer Society- Learn more about ACS and different types of cancer, along with articles, news, events, studies, school materials, and related hyperlinks.
Asthma and Allergy Resources Page- Use this no frills page to connect with a variety of asthma and allergy related pages on the web.
CyberNutrition- Need the formula for calculating grams of fat from total calories? Submit your questions to the Syracuse University College for Human Development.
Dentistry On-Line-Covers topics ranging from selecting a toothbrush and learning about flossing to information on restorative dentistry.
FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive-Feast your eyes on the more than 2,000 recipes, and other general information about fat, vegetarianism, and general health and nutrition.
FAQ's About Coffee and Caffeine- OK, it's not suppose to be good for you, but you're addicted to it. Grab a cup of coffee and browse this site.
Outbreak An on-line information service addressing emerging diseases.
Parents Place The parenting community, very nice.
The Body Aids and HIV resource.