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A Woman's Love

A woman's love is like a light, shining the brighest in the night. The stars all day patrol the sky, but only when the night is nigh we comprehend their splendor. So a woman's love we hardly know until some moment when we need a hand to help, a light to lead; then woman's love is love indeed.

A woman's love when life is best is happy as the happiest, sings with the singer, with the gay joins in the gladdest roundelay but, in the hour of grief, her voice, when there is little to rejoice, takes on another timbre, when the cymbals all are still again speaks with an angel's song to men.

A woman's love is good to own in hours of joy. But he alone knows woman's love, how deep, how strong, who has had hurt and loss and wrong. Perhaps he hardly knew he had her love when all her love was glad. But he shall learn, who love may slight, a woman's love is like a light, shining the brightest in the night.

I dedicate this page to my wife,I love you very much!"Forever And A Day"

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