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Miscellaneous Links

Culture and Society
54 ways you can Help The Homeless-Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff attacks the problem head on in this online, searchable book. Logically organized and full of practical suggestions, this site covers everything from carrying fastfood certificates to volunteering.
American Slanguages-Check out this guide to the "local languages" of major American cities and find out what a Little Rocker means by "Yet yet?" and more.
Cybrary of the Holocaust-This site combines historic photographs, paintings, recollections of survivors, essays, and other features to remind everyone of the Holocaust.
The Canonical Abbreviation/Acronym List-"BRB," he said, "after I get BOT of DTP and DTRT." "BTDT," I snapped back, confident that I knew what he was talking about thanks to this well-organized and hilarious Web site.